This project focuses on the southwestern portion of Capitol Hill where historical homes and apartment buildings are being demolished for micro-housing.

The Mourning Small Spaces project has identified areas where houses or apartment buildings will be torn down to make way for newer buildings. Clicking on each site will take you to a portal where you can document the neighborhood blocks as they are now. After going through the prompts and submitting any thoughts and photos, residents' answers will end up in the Submissions tab below.

The buildings in orange are sites that are planned for demolition and the site in aqua has already been demolished and is currently a construction site.
127 Bellevue Ave East
favorite things
420 Boylston Ave East
What do you think of what will
replace the house?
"Total bummer, too small of apartments, makes the neighborhood look sterile"

"It was a beautiful home, however our city needs density to accommodate population growth. I don't know what the price point on these efficiency units will be but hopefully there will at least be some affordable units. The rendering of the new building looks just like everything else being built in Seattle over the last few years. It will be dated very soon."

"I'm stoked for more medium-density housing in my neighborhood"
740 Harvard Ave East